Ban on Fireworks Sale and Possession in Sherrill

Last year, New York State approved a change in State law regarding fireworks which allows counties to pass local laws to permit the sale of sparkling devices.  The State law that was passed allows the sale of sparklers, small novelty fireworks (such as snakes and poppers) and fountain fireworks up to 500 grams from June 1 to July 5 and Dec. 26 to Jan. 2.  While the law permits the sale statewide, it is up to each individual county to opt in.   

Lawmakers in Oneida County have not opted in to permit the sale of sparkling fireworks, thus such fireworks are not legal for sale in the Oneida County.  Since the law has not been adopted in Oneida County, it is still illegal to possess or sell them here in Sherrill.   Possession would be a violation and sale a Class A misdemeanor. The City will address it just like any other offense as it has in past years.  It does not appear that situation will be changing anytime soon.  While the Oneida County Board of Legislators have voted to approve legislation, the County Executive Anthony Picente already has vetoed the law legalizing fireworks. Until, such time as the County votes to override the veto thereby allowing sale and possession of these fireworks, they will not be allowed in Sherrill.  So, while fireworks are being sold nearby in the City of Oneida (which is Madison County), they are still illegal here in Sherrill. 


Michael R. Sayles                    Robert Drake

City Manager                            Chief of Police