Alexander Wright created Letters to Sherrill to showcase the beauty and history of Sherrill. Fresh off of a creative conference in Dallas, TX, he found himself in an “inspiration high” with a yearning to produce something not on the computer. As a web and graphic designer by trade he finds himself spending numerous hours a day in front of a computer screen but the conference encouraged people to get away from the screen and to find inspiration in the world.  It didn’t take long before the answer to what to create was staring him in the face- Sherrill. This beautiful city, filled with wondrous nature and the most friendly of people, was his inspiration. He set out to capture the beauty of Sherrill and to tell a story with its history. The alphabet came to mind, as it represents beginnings of learning and speech.  Alexander and his family walk through Sherrill quite often, yet as most us do, often miss the nuances of its beauty and personality. This project opened his eyes to how wonderful it is to be a part of such an amazing city. He hopes this project is an inspiration to residents, if only to find your own true inspiration and to appreciate the beautiful city in which we live.