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If you purchased a residence in Sherrill prior to May 1, 2014 and have not previously applied for the Basic STAR exemption, you may qualify for this significant property tax exemption designed to lower your school tax bill. The residence must be your primary residence to qualify for Basic STAR. Renewal to continue the Basic Star exemption is NOT necessary. *For more information about important STAR changes visit

Please find more information about the Enhanced STAR Program here- Enhanced STAR brochure

State Requests for Enhanced Star Information- As everyone receiving the Enhanced STAR Exemption knows, it was mandatory last year that all recipients enroll in the Income Verification Program (IVP). Once this was done the State began reviewing income tax returns to determine continued eligibility in the Enhanced STAR Exemption. During their review they may have questions concerning your income that need to be answered by you.  If you receive a notice from the State, please don’t panic, just review the document and return it to the provided address with the requested information.  The notice is rather harshly worded and has caused some people to become concerned.  If you have any problem understanding what they are asking for or finding the information requested, please call the City of Sherrill, (315) 264-6362 or the Town of Vernon Assessor’s office, (315) 829-2587 and we’ll gladly help you complete what is needed.

If you are a Senior that has or will be eligible for a Partial Tax Exemption for Real Property of Senior Citizens, this exemption MUST now be applied for SEPARATELY from the Enhanced STAR. The Partial Senior Exemption MUST be renewed each year.  The income limits for this exemption are much lower than that of the Enhanced STAR exemption, so please contact your Assessor if you have any questions concerning eligibility for this exemption.


Duane Munger, Assessor for the City of Sherrill, can be contacted at City Hall, (315) 363-2440 or [email protected] with any questions at any time.


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