Sherrill-Kenwood Volunteer Fire Department

373 Sherrill Road, Sherrill, NY 13461
Phone: (315) 363-0530
Fax: (315) 363-1540

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Sherrill-Kenwood Volunteer Fire Department Annual Charity Golf Tournament, Sunday June 2

The tournament is played at the Barker Brook Golf Club in Oriskany Falls in memory of Michael Sowich who was a member of the department from 1991 until his untimely passing in 2007. Proceeds are used to support the department and its scholarship fund.  Please see below for registration and sponsorship information.

Sherrill-Kenwood Volunteer Fire Department Golf Tournament Registration 

Sherrill-Kenwood Volunteer Fire Department Tournament Letter

Sherrill-Kenwood Volunteer Fire Department Golf Tournament Sponsor Information

Meet the Department

Professionals in service. Volunteers by choice.

The department is always looking for new members, especially junior members! If you’re interested in firefighting, EMS, or scene support and are 18 years or older for adult membership, or 16 years for junior, visit the fire station during Wednesday night drill starting at 6:50pm each week.

Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Detectors Save Lives- Make sure all your smoke and carbon monoxide detector batteries are changed and change out detectors that are older that ten years old for new ones.  These detectors provide your first notification of a fire or unsafe carbon monoxide levels in your home. 

Safe Driving- Alcohol use impairs skills needed to drive a car safely. It slows reaction time and impairs judgment and coordination. Alcohol-related motor vehicle crashes kill someone every 48 minutes. Don’t drink and drive, and don’t let others drink and drive.


Spring Fire Safety Tips

BBQ/Grilling Safety

-Get your grill cleaned and serviced. Check all propane tanks and lines for leaks and damage.

-Never use gasoline to start a fire.

-Use charcoal lighter fluid only before the fire is lit.

-Place grills away from buildings, fences, deck railings, landscaping etc.; these can easily and quickly ignite.

-Keep a garden hose or portable fire extinguisher handy in case the fire gets out of control.

-Never bring a grill into the home. The carbon monoxide produced by burning charcoal can be dangerous, even deadly, in an enclosed space.

-Keep children and pets away from fires and grills.  It only takes a second for curiosity to cause a burn.

-Though coals may appear cool, always soak them with water.  Coals retain enough heat to reignite for days after the fire.

-If your bag of charcoal gets wet, leave it in a well-ventilated area away from the house. During drying, spontaneous ignition can occur in confined areas.


Outside Safety Tips

-Make sure your address numbers are up and visible from the street.

-Clean up yard debris.  Cut back dead limbs and grasses.

-Maintain a clear ‘fire zone’ of 10’ around structures.

-Check outdoor electrical outlets and appliances.

-Keep 100’ of garden hose with an attached nozzle connected and ready for use.

-When refueling your mower, make sure the engine is off and cool.  Don’t spill gasoline on a hot engine, and don’t smoke while pouring gasoline.

-Wear proper eye protection when operating trimmers, lawn edger’s, pruners and power saws.

Home Safety Tips

-Test and clean smoke and carbon monoxide detectors.

-Check your fire extinguishers.

-Clean your oven and stovetop cooking surface.

-Keep combustible items such as oven mitts, towels, utensils, paper towels, etc. off the top of the stove.

-Check for and correct frayed or damaged extension cords and wiring on all appliances.

-Prepare for storm-related outages.  Ensure flashlights and portable radios have batteries and other supplies such as bottled water, are stocked and available.

-Practice exit drills so everyone knows what to do in case of an emergency.  Establish a meeting place.

-Properly store household chemicals and never mix cleaning agents.

-Recycle old newspapers, magazines and junk mail.

-Make sure you clean the lint filter from your dryer before or after each load of laundry. Remove lint that has collected around the drum.


Garage Safety

-Clean up and properly store paints and chemicals.

-Check fuel containers for leaks & properly store them.

-Have power equipment cleaned and serviced.









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