Sherrill-Kenwood Water Board

Nathan Richter, Chairman,  [email protected] or (315) 363-1410

Althea Davis, [email protected] or (315) 447-2199

Kipp Hicks, [email protected] or (315) 363-0886

Michael Holmes, Secretary, [email protected] or (315) 363-2440


The Sherrill-Kenwood Water District (SKWD) is a separately chartered entity and has an elected Water Board.  The SKWD purchases water from the City of Oneida and in turn sells water to the City of Sherrill, all of Kenwood and some portions of the Town of Vernon that immediately border the City of Sherrill.  Matthew Russell is the System’s Operator and can be contacted at (607) 592-6229 or [email protected].


The Water Board for the Sherrill-Kenwood water district meets the second Thursday of each month at 8am at City Hall.  Please contact City Hall, (315) 363-2440 for more information.

Sherrill-Kenwood Water District Charter

Sherrill-Kenwood Water District Rules and Regulations


Read the 2022 Sherrill-Kenwood Water Quality Report (AWQR) here-