Waste Water Treatment Plant

201 Fairway Lane
Sherrill, NY 13461
Phone 315-363-2990
Fax 315-363-0031

Before and after pictures of out waste water treatment plant.



2023 Residential Sewer Rates

Sewer is billed to residents on a bi-monthly basis in the City of Sherrill residents based on the consumption recorded on their water meter. The rate per 100 cubic feet is $5.25, additionally there is a customer charge of $25.00 per billing. For example, if a resident uses 1,000 cubic feet then the bill is $77.50. Customer charge of $25.00 and 1,000 cu ft. divided by 100 multiplied by the rate of $52.50 (1000/100= 10. 10*5.25=$57.50).


Sump Pump Discharge

The City’s Waste Water Treatment Plant is under a consent order from New York State to reduce storm water discharge to the Sanitary Sewer System.  Part of our issue is residential and commercial sump pumps that are hooked directly to the sewer system.  In order to reduce heavy water flows at the treatment plant caused by storm events or a very wet spring we would like to access all sump pumps in the city to see if it’s possible to remove the discharge from the sanitary system.    If you have a sump pump that may be connected to the sanitary system or if you’re not sure please call Kevin Mumford at the Treatment Plant to set up an appointment for a quick inspection.  We can determine where your sump pump discharges and if there’s an alternative way to remove it from the sanitary system.  Thank you!



Matt Stevens and Kevin Wickham maintain Sherrill’s award-winning wastewater treatment plant. The Sherrill Wastewater Treatment Plant started as a primary plant in 1961. In 1982, a wastewater facilities plan was prepared and the activated sludge process was selected to upgrade the plant to secondary treatment. Construction began in 1982, and the plant was placed in operation at the end of 1983. In 1987 a belt dewatering press was added to improve sewage sludge handling and management. Currently the plant processes an average 600,000 gallons of sewage per day, but has the capacity to successfully process up to 2,100,000 gallons of sewage per day. From this process clean water (effluent) is then discharged to Oneida Creek and the by-product (sewage sludge) is dewatered and lime-stabilized before being applied to the soil as a fertilizer. The land spreading program has allowed Sherrill to recycle the sludge back to the soil instead of using the costly land filling option. Since 1989, this program has saved the city several thousand dollars. Tours of the facility are offered to local schools and organizations by the treatment plant staff to help promote public awareness and positive public relations. The Sherrill Wastewater Treatment Plant has long maintained a good reputation with the NYSDEC and was awarded the NYSDEC Operation and Maintenance Award for Excellence in 1998.