Surplus Items

The City of Sherrill has surplus items available for purchase at times usually via Auctions International or Ebay.  These sites can be searched using the Sherrill zip code, 13461 or searching for “Sherrill”.  The City will also try to post links below as auctions are active. 




The City of Sherrill also occasionally has property for sale.  Please see below for current property for sale or check back for updates.

The City of Sherrill owns a small piece of vacant property located in between 252 and 302 Gordon Ave.  The size of the parcel is 50’ x 165’.  It is a non-conforming lot, meaning a building and/or an accessory structure cannot be built as the lot currently sits.  The grass areas may not be used as a driveway or to store vehicles on.

The City acquired this property in a tax foreclosure several years ago.  The goal of this sale is to return the property to the tax rolls, and to relieve the City of the maintenance and upkeep of the this property.  There is an existing underground storm water drain located on this property and a condition of its sale is this drain must stay in working order with no obstructions.

If you are interested in purchasing the property from the City, please submit a letter of interest accompanied by a sealed bid to Sherrill City Hall by 3:00pm on February 22, 2019 to:  City of Sherrill, 377 Sherrill Rd., Sherrill, NY 13461 – Attention: Gordon Ave. Property. 

Any and all real estate fees such as fling, closing, surveys, and other related real estate costs are the responsibility of the purchaser.            

If you have any questions, please contact Sherrill City Manager Brandon Lovett at