City Property for Sale

301 W. Seneca St., Sherrill

This parcel was previously home to Alaskan Oil (Gas Station), the County foreclosed on the property and the City obtained ownership from the County.  There was an open spill (Petroleum) on the property, but in 2022 the City entered into agreement with NYS and the DEC for the DEC to utilize the spill fund to “clean” the property.  In 2023 Eggan Environmental cleaned the property and we are still waiting for New York State to finish the topsoil and seed (no definitive timeline).   As part of our agreement with NYS the City is required to sell the property in order to put back on the tax rolls, and the proceeds of the sale will be split 50/50 amongst New York State and the City of Sherrill.  This is New York States attempt to recoup some of the resources they invested in clean-up effort.

The Parcel is zoned Commercial (C2).  If you and/or anyone you know is interested in putting in a proposal, please have the review the attached document and submit the required documentation by the deadline.  The sale of the property will the at the City Commissions direction at the 6/12/23 City Commission meeting.

If you have any questions regarding zoning, codes, etc. please contact me directly at [email protected]

Surplus Items


Asphalt Millings for Sale- Please see more details here- Millings Agreement




The City of Sherrill has surplus items available for purchase at times usually via Auctions International or Ebay.  These sites can be searched using the Sherrill zip code, 13461 or searching for “Sherrill”.  The City will also try to post links below as auctions are active.  Please check back regularly.