Thank you to Sherrill-Kenwood Volunteer Fire Department Chief Dan Davis

Thank you Chief Dan Davis:

As the clock struck midnight ringing in the New Year, the Sherrill-Kenwood Volunteer Fire Department began its 2017 year with a change of leadership. According to Sherrill Fire Department policy, the position of Fire Chief is determined by membership election and then is approved by the City of Sherrill Commission. Candidates for this position are determined by their training and experience in emergency services and tenure within this department. The position is held for a one-year term and an individual may be reelected to a maximum of 4 consecutive terms.

Current Chief Dan Davis has been the Sherrill Fire Chief since 2012, successfully being reelected and approved by the City of Sherrill to four consecutive terms of office. Due to the term limit, Chief Davis cannot be reelected to another term in 2017.

The position of Fire Chief involves countless hours and furthermore, these are volunteer hours. This position involves a tremendous variety of responsibility including the publically visible command of emergency scenes to many behind-the-scenes tasks such as personnel management, documentation, training, public relations, purchasing, maintaining compliance with state and federal regulations, etc. The number of hours required to be successful in this role is countless. The continuous stress of responsibility and demand on personal time can be overwhelming. Chief Davis completed these tasks with impeccable accomplishment.

The entire membership of the Sherrill Kenwood Volunteer Fire Department would like to extend our sincere gratitude to Chief Dan Davis for his service and dedication to the fire department and to the Sherrill community as a whole. Our members were safer when entering harm’s way thanks to your service and our community has been lucky to have you serving them at any time of the day or night.

Thank you also to Dan’s wife Diane, daughter Michelle and son Stephen for your sacrifice…often having your husband/father miss meals, family gatherings, etc. while he was called to the service of the community in a time of need. The dedication of one volunteer is also the dedication of that volunteer’s family, and we thank you for your support as well.

If you happen to see Chief Davis, please join us in sharing our appreciation of his service to us all.