Solar Farm in the Town of Vernon


We have had a few residents ask about a proposed solar farm on farm land off of Sholtz Road in the Town of Vernon.  This farm is not proposed to be on any parcel within the city limits.  The closest Sherrill residence is approximately 900 feet away from the proposed location and there are 8 additional houses that are more than 1,000 feet away.  This is not a highly populated area.  There is no known documented health hazard associated with a solar farm.  Solar farms absorb electromagnetic radiation from the sun like your skin does when exposed to sunlight; they do not emit electromagnetic radiation. Solar farms are peaceful and, since there would not be any of the usual farming pesticides used on the property, could provide an added health benefit.  There is a lot of information on line – 99%  of it favorable.  If you have further questions or concerns, the Town of Vernon is having a meeting on May 9th at the town offices on Peterboro Road.