The City of Sherrill Transfer station is open on Saturdays, from 8am-1pm and Wednesdays from 4-7pm for Sherrill residents.  Residents may purchase coupons at City Hall or write a check, payable to the City of Sherrill, for items they drop off.  Please note- checks will only be accepted during this temporary time due to COVID-19.  ID/proof of Sherrill residency will be required to drop off items.  Please also note, residents may drop off green waste in the designated location at the DPW on Elmwood Place at any time.  


The shredding company has cancelled the shredding event that was scheduled for Saturday September 19, 8-10am. The plastics collection will still take place September 19. Large bulky rigid plastic items may be dropped off, free of charge, while the transfer station is open from 8am-1pm on Saturday September 19.  Proof of Sherrill residency will be required to drop off items. 


Please see below or visit for the transfer station fee schedule and contact City Hall, (315) 363-2440 with any questions.



Transfer Station Fee Schedule

Full size pickup, ½ to totally full $75
Full size pickup, Empty to ½ full $40
Small pickup, mini-Van or trailer, ½ to totally full $40
Small pickup, mini-Van or trailer, Empty to ½ full $25
Sedan Trunk load $20
SUV Trunk load $30
2-30 gallon garbage cans $20
Tires (each NO RIMS) $5
Tire Rim (each) $5
Tires on rims $15
Mattress (any size) $20
Box Spring (any size) $10
T.V. $20
Couch or Loveseat $25
Recliner Chair $15
Computer monitor & Tower $25
Microwave $10
Treadmill $15
Hot Tub – 4person $40
Air Conditioner, Refrigerator, Dehumidifier or similar items $20
Hot Water Heater, Stove, Washer, Dryer, Dishwasher $15