The ice at the rink is not currently ready for skating.  We will provide updates as we are able- please check back.


General Skating Information

The skating rink at Reilly-Mumford Park will be open throughout the winter as weather permits.  Reilly-Mumford Park is located next to Sherrill City Hall at 377 Sherrill Road.  If you see the STOP sign the ice is not fit to skate on and the rink is closed.  The Rotary building will generally be open 4-8pm Monday-Friday and 2-8pm Saturdays, Sundays & when school is closed.  Skating can take place at other times when the ice is ready even if the building is not open.  Skating with hockey sticks and puck passing can be done when the rink is not crowded but games are not allowed when there are other skaters. All skating is at your own risk.

There are some skates in the building that have been donated over the years that can be used at no charge.  If you have skates you’d like to donate for use at the rink please contact Sara Getman (315) 363-6525.