Sherrill Manufacturing is alive and well and still producing quality flatware in our city as they have been for more than a 100 years!  


Sherrill Manufacturing (Liberty Tabletop) is the only manufacturer of quality flatware in the United States.  When you buy from Liberty Tabletop, you’re choosing a company that provides career jobs to people in our community while preserving the craft of flatware manufacturing and tool making right here in our city. They only use products in their manufacturing processes that are made in the United States and they hire local firms (accounting, legal, marketing) so they can further support our local economy.  For Liberty Tabletop, it’s all about the people: the employees, as well as their satisfied customers. When you purchase flatware from Liberty Tabletop, you will be amazed by the quality and the price.  Please visit their new website (below) where you can order products online that are made right here at home.