Dear Residents,

The City of Oneida Common Council has received, and placed on file, a proposed local law amending Chapter 73 of the Oneida City Code to include a new section titled “Fluoridation of the Municipal Water Supply”.  They have scheduled a public hearing for April 21st  at 6:30 p.m.  The proposed law will be put to a vote at a meeting sometime after the public hearing.  The local law will not be voted on at the same meeting as the public hearing.   There have been two public input meetings held on the subject in recent months during which opposing viewpoints were shared. The text included in the proposed local law reads “The municipal water supply shall be fluoridated in the following manner: a fluoride compound shall be added to the municipal water supply at an optimum concentration of about 0.7 ppm (parts per million) of the fluoride ion, provided, however, the concentration of such ion shall not exceed 1.2 ppm at any time.”

The reason I am notifying you is, as you may know, the City of Sherrill receives its water from Oneida.  As a point of context, approximately 75% of Americans that receive municipal water, receive fluoridated water.  Naturally occurring fluoride concentrations are contained in surface waters and groundwater.  There are many opinions on both sides of the issue. Below are a few links for more information on fluoridated water.

Feel free to attend the Oneida Common Council meeting on the 21st at Oneida City Hall on Main Street in Oneida.

Be well. 

Michael R. Sayles

City Manager

City of Sherrill

377 Sherrill Road

Sherrill, New York 13461

Office 315-363-2440