2019 Yard of the Month

Congratulations to the June 2019 winners!

We’re happy to announce that the Visalli yard at 353 East Seneca Street and the Valenzano yard at 205 East Campbell Ave were selected as the June winners!  These pictures just begin to capture how beautiful they are- stop by to check them out!  We thank all residents for their nominations and participation and look forward to celebrating additional yards throughout the season!


Congratulations to the May 2019 winners!

The Macrina yard at 108 Noto Drive and the Toro yard at 105 West Hamilton Ave were selected as the May winners!









The City of Sherrill knows many residents take great pride in their properties and the many beautiful lawns, yards and gardens contribute to our community’s welcoming appearance. 

The City of Sherrill will select two properties each month in the months of May, June, July, August and September to recognize residents’ efforts.  Yards that show great care and comply with local ordinances will be eligible.  City of Sherrill employees, commissioners and community representatives will select the yards and present a special sign to each selected yard to be displayed for the month.  The signs will be collected at the end of the month and then displayed in other yards in the following months.   All yards will be looked at but individuals can also suggest beautiful properties by emailing Sara Getman, Recreation Supervisor, [email protected].  Properties can only be selected one time per year in an effort to recognize multiple properties.  Selected properties will be announced on the City of Sherrill website and Facebook page during the first week of the following month.  Please contact Brandon Lovett, Sherrill City Manager, [email protected] with any questions. 

We look forward to celebrating those who do a superior job in maintaining their yards in such a way that they enhance the overall curb appeal of the entire community.