2016 City Budget Hearing

The Sherrill City Commission held a public hearing on the proposed 2016 City Budget on Monday, December 14.  The proposed City Budget called for $881,275 to be raised by the property tax levy (at a rate of $7.02 per $1,000 taxable assessed value) which was a 2.2% decrease over 2015.  After the public hearing the City Commission voted down the proposed budget by a 3-2 vote.  There was additional discussion and coming out of that discussion, the City Commission voted to set a new public hearing for the new proposed 2016 City budget which would raise $895,085 through the property tax levy.  This new proposed rate will be $7.13 per $1,000 of taxable assessed value.  This new rate represents a 0.7% decrease from the 2015 rate of $7.18.


The public hearing on the Monday, December 28, 2015 will be held in the City Court room at 7:15 PM and again will be for the purpose of raising $895,085 in taxes at a rate of $7.13 per $1,000 taxable assessed value.  There is a copy of the proposed budget on display at City Hall for viewing and for additional detail please see the public notice of the public hearing in the Legal Notices section of the City’s website.